Protest Against Taib Mahmud??

20 Feb


Taib Mahmud

The sms been circulating around for planned protest against Taib is another hoax.  However, police did turn out to monitor the area.  Earlier yesterday, the Movement of Change for Sarawak chief, Francis Siah denied having any involvement with such protest.

Who ever sent the sms is a real coward or just another stir up to see if people would show up to protest against Taib Mahmud.   Police also have warned about the protest outcome should it still be conducted and a few blogs did warn the protester not to go about it openly.

There is a proper channel to resolve every problem and protesting is not a proper channel to do so.  The protsesters should seek out help and assistance from the lawyers or the local state assemblyman or member of parliament.  If there are too busy with their routines then the local head village should be consulted to report this matter to the authorities.

What would Sarawak become if the protester did show up?  However, words from the grassroot did mention that the planned protest is to happen during the Sarawak General Election and not this month!  The sms must have been edited earlier before being distributed.

A few MP from DAP did tweet that they didn’t receive any sms on such events.  Mayber DAP is behind this SMS or it is sent from a member of JPUNS?

Taib Mahmud should have known this earlier and acted upon it discreetly?  He is also tied with the famous silat group in Sarawak, claimed to be giving security aide to the protesters?!!

Do not believe anything about political sms propaganda.  If it is not in the news it is another hoax!!!

Planned Taib protest a no show, says police

Posted BERNAMA, February 21, 2011
Protest Against Taib

An alleged planned protest against Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud did not take place at Padang Merdeka, Kuching today, police said.

Padang Merdeka was quiet and peaceful, just like on any Sunday afternoon. Several tourists were spotted walking across the field while a few police MPVs were seen being driven around, apparently monitoring the area.

Kuching police chief ACP Mun Kock Keong said police monitored the area, but there was nothing unusual to report.

“It was good when nobody showed up for the protest,” he told Bernama.

A circulating short messaging service (SMS) stated that a protest against the Sarawak chief minister had been arranged for 2pm today at Padang Merdeka and asked recipients to “either join in or avoid the area due to expected traffic congestion”.

It was not known who was behind the sending of the SMS or the alleged planned protest.

Yesterday, the Movement for Change, Sarawak (MoCS) chief Francis Siah denied that the movement was behind any such protest. – Bernama


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